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The Journey of a River

Year 4 have been exploring the journey of a river in class this afternoon. They made a model of a river and placed keywords such as 'tributary', 'confluence' and 'source' on to the correct places in the journey.

Year 4 Gymnastics Lesson

Year 4 got off to a fantastic start with our first gymnastics lesson. The whole class explored the ways we can balance by using different parts of our body. All students were eager to show off what they came up with and are eager to find out what we'll be doing in our...

Anti-Bullying Week Rocks

Year 4 have had a busy afternoon decorating our rocks in celebration of 'World Kindness Day' and 'Anti-Bullying Week'.  These rocks will be given out to the children and hidden all over Newcastle and Gateshead for people to discover. You can have a look at some...

Year 3/4 Visit to Segedunum

Year 4 had a fantastic time at Segedunum learning all about life as a soldier in the Roman army.  Students found out about life as a Roman soldier during our exciting workshop, where they got to hold/wear some equipment, learnt how to march and follow commands as...


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