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Flex It Friday Year 4

Year 4 have been busy learning all about Roman numerals. Students began to work systematically to find the different Roman numerals we could make using a specific number of lollipop sticks. After lunch, we used our knowledge of Roman numerals to make our own version...

Flex It Friday 27/4/18

Year 4 had another creative Friday looking at Ancient Chinese symbols from the Shang Dynasty. After becoming familiar with them, everyone came up with their own story using these symbols

Year 3 and 4 children had a fantastic day yesterday exploring the different designs in bridge construction by looking at the bridges over the River Tyne, past and present. They attended a workshop at The Discovery Museum in the morning and in the afternoon enjoyed a...

The Lost Happy Endings Descriptive Writing

This week, Year 4 were visited by Mrs Thompson to help us create a fantastic piece of descriptive writing. Students were inspired by 'The Lost Happy Endings' and came up with brilliant ideas about how to describe the eerie forest our main character travelled through....

Internet Safety Day in Neptune

Neptune learnt all about the different ways we can keep ourselves safe when online. We had great fun discussing rules we could follow in order to make the internet a safe and fun place to visit. At the end of the lesson, we completed a pledge about how we will behave...

Neptune Newspaper Reports

After countless lessons of planning ,Year 4 have finally completed their newspaper reports about a flood inspired by Thunder Thursday. We used exciting vocabulary, headlines and quotes to really capture the readers' attention. We are all overjoyed with our final...


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