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We are bug fixers!

Today in their computing lesson Year 3 are learning how to spot and correct one off bugs! We are making a script for the three times tables but there's a bug within the algorithm... 

World Kindness Day

Yesterday for World Kindness Day we looked for acts of kindness through out the day and then shared our kind messages with one another before we went home. We created designs for our Kindness Rocks and today we followed our designs to create them. Look out for our...

Roman shield and formation 

On Thursday we added the finishing touches to our shields! We then evaluated our shields before practising marching in formation in the playground.  We also had a go at creating different defence formations like the tortoise or wedge formation. 


On Wednesday we went on our class trip to Segedunum! We had a brilliant time  exploring the fort remains, learning about how the landscape of Wallsend has changed over time and taking part in the 'Fort Life' workshop. 

Performance Poetry 

This week in Jupiter class we have been learning about different poems. We have created our own poems about different seasons! Today we have enjoyed performing our poems to each other. We are fabulous poets! 

We are programmers! 

In computing this half term Jupiter class are learning how to be programmers! Today we have started using the programme Scratch. We are learning how to select from or create different sprites. We are creating a stage for our sprites before we create a script.

Food chains! 

Today in Science Jupiter class are learning about food chains! We have explored different food chains and are now sorting Statements about predators, prey and consumers into true or false categories. Next we'll create our own questions about food chains that we'll...


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