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Flex-it Friday!

Year 2 are learning orienteering skills.  We worked in teams to read a key, collect the correct equipment and build the face which matched the map.  We needed good communication skills and speed to beat the clock.         ...

Flex-it Friday!

Could we make a boat which would float?  We tested objects made from different materials to see which would float and which would sink.     Then we designed a boat and selected the best materials to build it.    ...

Edible artwork

Year 2 have used fruits and vegetables to create artworks based upon the works of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.                    

Year 2 Visit to York Chocolate Story

Year 2 had a super visit to York's Chocolate Story. We made chocolate lollies and edible chocolate wallpaper from the imagination of Mr Wonka himself in a workshop linked to Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Year 2 – Golf

Year 2 were very excited about trying their hands at golf in their PE lesson today. This is part of their multi skills this term. 

World Book Day

Year 2 looked fantastic in their costumes as we celebrated World Book Day. We had a great visit to Waterstones in the Metrocentre to exchange our vouchers for a new book.   


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