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Play and Stay 

Thank you for attending our play and stay session, the children were very excited to show you our...

Flying high!

We had lots of fun on Halloween making broomsticks! We had to collect sticks of different sizes, we even had a broomstick...

Potion fun! 

We had lots of fun making a potion, as we mixed the ingredients together, it bubbled and fizzed over the top of the cauldron! ...

Bubble, Bubble, Troil and Trouble!

We have had lots of fun working in our Potions Lab during literacy this morning, we wrote labels for some of the poisonous ingredients. Some of the spiders and bats escaped and we had to catch them...

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust 

Today Reception found a tiny note, it was from Tinkbell! She had left us instructions on how to get to Neverland. There was a special jar containing real Pixie Dust too! Mr Barnes sprinkled the Pixie dust, we thought of happy things and we were suddenly flying over...

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