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Rangoli Patterns

Neptune are working hard this afternoon completing their Rangoli patterns. They're using colourful chalks to create life size patterns. Don't they look...

Our Stone Age Day!

Neptune enjoyed an exciting Stone Age day yesterday at Birkheads Wild Community Interest Company. The children experienced what it would have been like to live during the Stone Age. They built shelters, cooked on the fire, created arrows and practised their hunting...

Wonderful Watercolours

Neptune have been recreating cave paintings this afternoon using watercolours. We practised mixing colours and creating different shades. We are impressed with how good they look!

Hunting in the woods

On Friday Neptune took on the role of Hunter-Gatherers and perfected their hunting techniques in the woods using 'spears'. The children then had fun learning all about how food was collected during the Stone Age and sampled some seeds, fresh and dried...

Cave Exploring in Neptune

Neptune have had lots of fun this afternoon exploring cave art images from the Stone Age with torches in the dark. We created our own cave art using oil pastels and practised our smudging and blending...


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