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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Mercury chose this beautiful, Autumn afternoon to start to create their Christmas cards. No need to look for your reading glasses...and you're not seeing things! This lot of cards will be sent off for printing so that they'll be available for you to order later in the...

Class of 2019!

Presenting ...... Washingwell Class of 2019! Fantastic, amazing, wonderful!  What more can we say!  You are all superstar's!

The Sovereign of the Sea

This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a project with the Land of Oak and Iron. On Monday, they visited Chopwell Woods, where Rebecca taught them all about the history of the wood, and the different purposes it has served over time. They also learnt to...

Lawn Bowling!

The sun made an appearance just in time for Mercury's visit this afternoon to Lyndhurst Bowling Club. The children thoroughly enjoyed their lawn bowling taster session. A huge shout out to George and his team of bowling coaches who were brilliant with the children....

Good sports!

As part of our Elmer project, Mercury enjoyed reading the story of ‘Elmer and the Race’.  They used this as inspiration to design and make their own sporting stars...can you recognise any?

Shake, rattle and fall?

As part of their study of Earthquakes, the children in Mercury were tasked with designing and creating a building which would withstand an earthquake! They were given paper, art straws, lollysticks and sellotape, along with a detailed brief to adhere to. Some...

Sketching in the sunshine

Mercury enjoyed the beautiful weather today, practising their sketching in our woodland area. We looked at using texture and shading to add detail to our close-up, observation sketches. A very peaceful afternoon was enjoyed by all!

Skilful sketching

Mercury have been learning to use different different types of pencils to create texture when sketching. They began by experimenting with the effects which can be created depending on the hardness of the pencil, before moving on to selecting the best pencil to...

Washingwell Weavers

As part of their 'Our World and Beyond' topic, Year 6 have been learning about Kente cloth. Native to Ghana, Kente is a type of silk or cotton fabric made of interwoven strips of material. Designed using bright, vibrant colours, it is worn by men (in a similar way to...


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