Year 6 ran off some energy at Chase Park today after day 3 of SATs tests! ☀️

Year 6 ran off some energy at Chase Park today after day 3 of SATs tests! ☀️

Newsletter #30 – Friday 17 May 2019

30. Friday 17 May 2019

Good sports!

As part of our Elmer project, Mercury enjoyed reading the story of ‘Elmer and the Race’.  They used this as inspiration to design and make their own sporting stars...can you recognise any?

Shake, rattle and fall?

As part of their study of Earthquakes, the children in Mercury were tasked with designing and creating a building which would withstand an earthquake! They were given paper, art straws, lollysticks and sellotape, along with a detailed brief to adhere to. Some...

Newsletter #29 – Friday 10 May 2019

29. Friday 10 May 2019

Chaos or genius at work?

Anyone know what Mercury are up to? Everyone is very busy measuring, cutting and building...but what are they creating?

Newsletter # 28 – Friday 3 May 2019

28. Friday 3 May 201928. Elmer competition template (002)

We are proud to be a National School Breakfast Programme School. We are happy to offer a healthy breakfast to all our children and we would welcome your child to join us for a great start to the day. Our Bagel Bar is open from 8.45am until 8.55am each morning in the...


Mrs HallWashingwell Primary School prides itself on being a school that provides a wide and varied curriculum which offers our diverse school community the opportunity to play, learn and grow in an amazing setting.  Our uniqueness lies in our route to excellence, our commitment to getting it right for each and every child on an individual, class and whole school level.  Our uniqueness is ‘us’.

By us, I mean all those who contribute to creating a whole community – staff, children, parents and governors.  It makes ‘us’ special, different and determined to be the best we can possibly be for all those who share in our vision.

I am proud to be the Head Teacher of Washingwell Primary School and look forward to showing you just how great we are.

Mrs Alison Hall – Head Teacher

Where children realise their full potential in a safe, secure and happy place where all achievement is valued.

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School News

Ancient Egyptians

Neptune had a fantastic day at Great North Museum: Hancock last week. During the morning we took part in a workshop where they used clues to discover important Egyptian jobs. After lunch, enjoyed visiting the Egyptian gallery and learned lots of new facts by taking...

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Sketching in the sunshine

Mercury enjoyed the beautiful weather today, practising their sketching in our woodland area. We looked at using texture and shading to add detail to our close-up, observation sketches. A very peaceful afternoon was enjoyed by all!

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Happy and hygienic.

Venus have been learning about the importance of keeping clean. We learned how easily germs can spread. We learned a song to remind us of the importance of washing our hands.

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We’re going to the Finals! ⚽️🏆

Our football team really impressed last night with their positive work ethic and team spirit. After some difficult fixtures last week, they came back fighting, winning 2 matches and losing 1. Their hard work won them a place in the Blaydon distract final, next...

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