Newsletter #32 – Friday 19 July 2019

38. Friday 19 July 2019

Attendance Champions

Congratulations to Jupiter for having the best attendance this year.

Class of 2019!

Presenting ...... Washingwell Class of 2019! Fantastic, amazing, wonderful!  What more can we say!  You are all superstar's!

Newsletter #37 – Friday 12 July 2019

37. Friday 12 July 2019 37. Autumn 2019 Menus

The Sovereign of the Sea

This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a project with the Land of Oak and Iron. On Monday, they visited Chopwell Woods, where Rebecca taught them all about the history of the wood, and the different purposes it has served over time. They also learnt to...

Athletics Festival

Our KS2 athletes represented the school with pride at the Gateshead Schools Athletics Festival, held at Gateshead International Stadium on Friday 28 June 2019. We had semi finalists galore, including all four of our relay teams! The event culminataed in a well...

QR code hunt!

Children enjoyed their first week in Mercury, especially the QR code hunt. They were able to find the clues, scan for a question and find the answer the crack the code.

Washingwell FUNdraisers Family Barbeque Event

An fantastic evening of live entertainment, fun, games and friends! A huge thank you to Washingwell FUNdraisers, all of our performers for showcasing our local talent, and to you all for coming along and supporting our event. 😀


Mrs HallWashingwell Primary School prides itself on being a school that provides a wide and varied curriculum which offers our diverse school community the opportunity to play, learn and grow in an amazing setting.  Our uniqueness lies in our route to excellence, our commitment to getting it right for each and every child on an individual, class and whole school level.  Our uniqueness is ‘us’.

By us, I mean all those who contribute to creating a whole community – staff, children, parents and governors.  It makes ‘us’ special, different and determined to be the best we can possibly be for all those who share in our vision.

I am proud to be the Head Teacher of Washingwell Primary School and look forward to showing you just how great we are.

Mrs Alison Hall – Head Teacher

Where children realise their full potential in a safe, secure and happy place where all achievement is valued.

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School News

Party time!

Mercury class had a fantastic time at their Christmas party! Lots of laughter and dancing (with some very impressive worms), along with some traditional and modern party games. The 'After Eight' game was a particular highlight! Thanks to all of the children for...

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Christmas Magic!

We had a fantastic day. We danced our socks off during our Christmas party, found a magical glitter path leading to a pile of presents! After lunch we had a fun filled afternoon with hot chocolate, marshmallows and squirty cream!

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