What a French-tastic Day!

Bonjour! Today we enjoyed tasting lots of different French foods, it started at 9am with croissants and pain au chocolat for breakfast. After lunch Barnesy Bear and Charlie Chimp joined us for a special French picnic of baguettes, Brie and even some special grape...

Charlie Chimps Christmas Adventure

Reception decided Charlie Chimp should spend Christmas with Mr Barnes and his family. He went carol singing in church, played in the snow, ate far too many chocolates, enjoyed opening his present from attending a pantomime, helping Mr Barnes with the shopping,...

Year 4 Gymnastics Lesson

Year 4 got off to a fantastic start with our first gymnastics lesson. The whole class explored the ways we can balance by using different parts of our body. All students were eager to show off what they came up with and are eager to find out what we'll be doing in our...

It’s Alive!

Year 5 kicked off their new topic yesterday afternoon by making discoveries about the different systems in our bodies. They worked in groups to create body maps showing what they believe is inside 'Our Bodies'.


We are having lots of fun being back in school after the Christmas holidays. We had a special visitor to Earth class called Barnesy Bear he's been on lots of adventures! Barnesy Bear has been to France and he has been sharing all the exciting things he has been up to.

Year 6 Science Experiment

Year 6 carried out a fair test this afternoon to find out which materials are soluble and which are insoluble. They concluded that sugar, coffee and icing sugar are soluble, and sand, flour and tea leaves are insoluble. It was interesting to note how much quicker the...

Carols Around the Christmas Tree

What a fabulous way to end our Autumn term. Thank you to everyone for attending our 'Carols Around the Christmas Tree' event this afternoon - we hope you enjoyed it. We would like to wish all of our children and families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New...

Achiever’s Assembly

It was a mammoth Achiever's Assembly this morning! There were multiplication awards, spelling awards, Reading Plus awards and individual achievement awards galore!   There were 67 children entered in to our 'In It to Win It' prize draw for 100% attendance and zero...


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