New Members!

Meet the new members of the Washingwell family! Guinea Pig 1 and Guinea Pig 2! Names are yet to be chosen by the children.

Visit to MOD Pizza

Reception had a fabulous visit to MOD Pizza Metro Centre this morning. We are learning about Italy in class this week. Our visit taught us more about Italy’s signature dish and children had lots of fun making their very own! 🍕 A huge thank you to the staff at...

Exploring the world

Year one have been exploring the world. We listed countries that we already knew, discussed continents and found the Equator and the North and South Pole.

Year One Debate!

Year one are debating what will happen next in the story. We have two different views. Some children think Grandad will return home and some children think Grandad will stay on the island. We are expressing our views and giving reasons for our thoughts. 

Wind toys

Year one are following instructions to make a wind toy. We will use these to test if it is windy outside. We have been learning about the weather and how it changes during different seasons. 


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