The Journey of a River

Year 4 have been exploring the journey of a river in class this afternoon. They made a model of a river and placed keywords such as 'tributary', 'confluence' and 'source' on to the correct places in the journey.

Dare to Aspire

Today we welcomed George Fouche (Fouche international DARE to aspire) into school to deliver an inspirational assembly ‘Dare to Aspire’. George is the third generation of international professional rugby players whose career spanned 14 years. [video width="854"...

Arctic Explorers

This week we have been looking at the Arctic. We have looked at what animals live there and also found out some fascinating facts about Inuit people. Today we had the perfect opportunity to be true Arctic Explorers and experience deep snow, we tried to make snowmen,...

Who is in the hot seat?

Year one have been in the hot seat today as characters from our story. We asked them lots of questions to try and find out more information about their character. 

What is behind the door?

Year one are making predictions about what is behind the door. We are currently reading an exciting story and we have come across a door. We wonder what is behind the door. We went through it to find out. 


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