Good sports!

As part of our Elmer project, Mercury enjoyed reading the story of ‘Elmer and the Race’.  They used this as inspiration to design and make their own sporting stars...can you recognise any?

Shake, rattle and fall?

As part of their study of Earthquakes, the children in Mercury were tasked with designing and creating a building which would withstand an earthquake! They were given paper, art straws, lollysticks and sellotape, along with a detailed brief to adhere to. Some...

We are proud to be a National School Breakfast Programme School. We are happy to offer a healthy breakfast to all our children and we would welcome your child to join us for a great start to the day. Our Bagel Bar is open from 8.45am until 8.55am each morning in the...


Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed being out in the sunshine this afternoon for their second Bikeability session.

Forest School

On Friday, KS1 were introduced to their first tools at forest school - it was all about hammers and nails as they were challenged to create their own webs with as many shapes as possible threaded amongst the nails. Some chose to make larger webs, with ropes tied with...

Signs of Spring

As part of science Jupiter took to the woods to look for signs of spring. We used all of our senses to identity the different signs. We used our ears to listen to the birds in the trees and the leaves rustling. We then moved around the woodland to look for changes in...


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